Telapak’s International Debut in Hongkong’s Owner Forum 2018

The Tools for Sustainable Livelihoods to Gain A Better Recognition Worldwide

In order to keep the wheels of economic moving forward, the world is facing a formidable challenge to create the better management that would sustain business schemes and long-term roadmaps. Due to the continuous utilization of natural resources for businesses’ needs, the urgency to build an ideal business model that entails the sustainability term is of a critical importance nowadays.

Sustainable business plays a pivotal role to support an ever-domineering economic growth. This ideal model of perpetual cycle stands to fulfill public and ecosystem’s expectancy to create a better welfare and better viability on whichever base resources or raw materials that the businesses are utilizing right now.

In the special occasion, namely The Hongkong’s Owner Forum held in Asia, Hongkong in March 2018, Telapak was chosen as one of the representatives in the forum to actively participate and give considerable insight in addressing the strategic solution for social issues. This forum had accommodated such a medium to share powerful perspectives in economic, political, and social aspects. Multi-ethnical business owners, institutions, and corporation representatives were invited to convey the preconceived ideas to tackle current and future global issues.

Fast backward to a few years ago, when illegal logging was paving a way to Indonesia’s economic downfall, Telapak found the importance to implement a sustainable natural resource management to battle the irresponsible forest exploitation. Through the discussion, Telapak flagged up the innovative solution to tackle the social issue in form of social empowerment emphasizing on sustainable community logging to improve the economics of forest farmer communities. By merging a strategic partner with PT. Sosial Bisnis Indonesia (SOBI), Telapak helps to resolve the unsustainable way of logging into a sustainable and FSC-standardized one that profits multilevel of societies.

In conclusion, Telapak and SOBI believe that this initiative will become a protective grip to ensure the economic steady growth through facilitating a faster market acceleration on sustainable forest products. SOBI and Telapak also plan to do an aggressive expansion on the other expertise areas encircling agriculture, fisheries, and renewable energy to deliver much bigger impact to the communities.

“Quoting from the words of Mahindra & Mahindra, “the opportunity to raise the quality of life is the biggest business opportunity going,” Telapak hoped that the implementation of sustainable business model would become popularized and adopted further by business enterprises worldwide.