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Our field of expansion toward sustainable livelihoods
covers fisheries, forestry, agriculture, ecotourism, and
renewable energy sectors.

Program Fields

Core Areas

Our works towards achieving sustainable livelihoods
goals are rooted firmly on the principles of local
involvement using a few methodological approaches.

  • Our current and overall campaign have promoted the importance of collaboration and involvement from multidimensional classes of society as the intermediary actors in developing sustainable livelihoods.

  • Over the course of time, we manage to drive the community from a small circle forest into a broader natural resource community management to achieve sustainable livelihoods goals.

  • We are collaborating with sustainable businesses to empower farmers, fishermen, and communities in developing sustainable natural resources management system in responsibly-reproducible manners with a technical assistance coming from hand-holding and technology-based support to ensure the viability of sustainable businesses.

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  1. Advocacy & Campaign

  2. Community & Empowerment

  3. Sustainable Business