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We’ve reached multitude provincial areas throughout Indonesia archipelago to ensure the fair distribution of our impacts.

*This map does not show the accurate geographical representation point.

Telapak’s team is distributed to several zones across Indonesia archipelago and has been working with local communities in order to support the cooperative’s mission by building a solid framework and territorial representatives over the concerned (on-project) provinces.

Chief of the territory : Dony Saputra (T- 110)
Email : dony_saputra@telapak.org
Chief of the territory : Raflis (T-145)
Email : raflis.f94@gmail.com
Chief of the territory : ---
Email : ---
Chief of the territory : Hayuri Gusaptatur (T-119)
Email : hayuri_gusaptatur@telapak.org
Chief of the territory : Ary Irawan (T-332)
Email : irawan@telapak.org
Chief of the territory : ---
Email : ---
Chief of the territory : Patriansyah (T-139)
Email : patriansyah@telapak.org
Chief of the territory : Bernadus Sad Windratmo (T-106)
Email : bernadus_ad@telapak.org
Chief of the territory : Prigi Arisandi (T-141)
Email : prigi@telapak.org
Chief of the territory : Denny Boy Mochran (T-062)
Email : dboym@telapak.org
Chief of the territory : Muhammad Juaini (T-237)
Email : mjuaini@telapak.org
Chief of the territory : Muhamad Habibie (T-129)
Email : krbaone@yahoo.com
Chief of the territory : Juliade (T-346)
Email : juliade@telapak.org / lewu_tatas@yahoo.co.id
Chief of the territory : ---
Email : ---
Chief of the territory : Baso (T-185)
Email : baso@telapak.org
Chief of the territory : Rustam Efendi (T-147)
Email : rustam_efendi@telapak.org
Chief of the territory : Yorry Karisoh (T-263)
Email : yorry@telapak.org
Chief of the territory : James Papia (T-264)
Email : jamespapia@telapak.org
Chief of the territory : ---
Email : ---
Chief of the territory : ---
Email : ---

Warman Samedi
Chairman of KHJL
Chairman of KHJL


“Becoming a community logger help me fund my first house and provide my children’s education to college. For three consequent years, I spent my whole life as an illegal logger, now I help patrol the state forest as a part of co-ops’ watch program. I no longer worry to be thrown in jail and leave my family destitute.”

Abdul Rahman
Local Farmer
Local Farmer


“By implementing the concept of sustainability, my business has grown rapidly. I expanded 20 acres of my property and oversee the cooperative’s largest teak nurseries. 100 thousand teak seedlings are  being grown everyday by the workforce hired and paid by me. I believe in the continuity of this business.”

Abdul Haris
Past Chairman of KHJL and
Chief of Lambakara Village


“The method derived from cooperative establishment has benefited its members with confidence building. We now know how to negotiate with government officials and Javanese culture. The technological prowess is also being brought to the locals, including Internet and GPS-mapping device to assist them in system building.”