Do you know that deforestation through illegal
logging, poverty, and climate change are relevantly

World’s greatest demand on wood-related products is
always being persisted on profit growth beside on the
sustainability of natural reserves itself.

Humans are willing to sacrifice up to million lives of our
next generation living on earth by destroying the core
ingredient of life itself, forest.

A feasible resolution to solve this issue is growing more and
more trees. Since its first empowerment, Telapak has
encouraged local communities to grow 10 teak seedlings for
every 1 teak trees being cut down by means of cooperative
establishment and breakthrough programs.

By only donating IDR100.000,-
you’ve already contributed to improve the nurseries,
plantation, and maintenance of 1,000 teak trees,
as well as the empowerment of the farmers.

Economics of local communities and environmental
well-being are shifting to a better improvement.
That’s just how every favour is restored.
Care enough to ?